Love the REM patch.

The numbers don’t lie. These are screenshots of my sleep patterns. The first two show my improved sleep since I have been wearing the patch, the last two shows my sleep patterns before the patch. Check out the difference in the amount of time I am in deep sleep and How long I am awake throughout the night! I lived for many years being sleep deprived and depressed. I have sleep apnea and have been using the machine for almost 2 years, it helped me with my sleep but I still was feeling exhausted, now with the addition of the REM patch I can’t tell you how great it feels to wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day. (taken from the Voxxlife Testimonials page on Facebook)



I'm a pregnant mom with 2 children, last night I finally put my first rem patch on, and I'm so thankful I did... I'm up every night to pee, and when I get up I'm up for quite a while, sometimes 3 hours

Well, last night I happened to wake up twice to pee, once for my son and then again because I heard a storm roll in, it was pouring and I remembered I left windows open downstairs. After I took care of that I laid back down and fell asleep INSTANTLY. As I was up my brain felt super sleepy and just a foggy calm and usually it's running with thoughts that keep me up... I will be wearing these forever more and as a mom knowing that I still can wake up to a child or a baby with the patch on is important and I feel so rested this morning compared to many others! Thank you times a million!!

I also have been wearing the neuro vaxx and hpt patch every day so adding the rem patch with them will only make my life easier from now on! I've never felt this good in my entire 30 years of life. (taken from the Voxxlife Testimonials page on Facebook)



I recently purchased REM patches for my terrible sleep and it works wonders not only on my sleep but on my anxiety, I am so thankful!!!  

(taken from the Voxxlife Testimonials page on Facebook)