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Brain Training Phonics

Brain Training Phonics

  • Remarkable Results!
  • Faster Brain Processing Speed.
  • Better Recall & Memory.
  • Improved Reading and Test Scores.
  • And A LOT more fun than traditional phonics lessons!


Brain Training consists of programs designed to improve brain processing speed, hemispheric integration between the right and left brain, as well as internal brain timing and sequencing. The exercises in this book are one method of hemispheric integration. While the right brain identifies the color, the left brain is utilized to read the numbers and words. As each exercise is done, the right and left brain must communicate to complete the task. This encourages the neurons to connect.


Neurons that fire together wire together. Therefore, the more the exercises are done the stronger the neural connections, the quicker the brain’s response.


Pairing brain training with phonics is a natural way to make a difficult task easier. Reading difficulties can often be a result of left brain weakness. Using brain training exercises with phonics engages the right brain to assist with the task. It also benefits the student by improving memory, sequencing and brain processing speed.


The results are often remarkable. Struggling students learn the material quicker and easier. They retain the information and have faster recall, resulting in higher academic achievement, better test scores and school success.

  • Instant Download

    This product is a Full Color PDF of the book. You have permission to download and print the book for your own personal use.

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