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Auditory Processing Exercises

Auditory Processing Exercises

Auditory Processing Exercises:


  1. Addresses 30 specific Auditory Processing Skills.
    • Auditory Memory –Auditory Number Memory, Auditory Number Memory Reversed, Auditory Word Memory, Auditory Word Memory Reversed, Auditory Sentence Memory, Auditory Directions, Listening for Details, Listening for Sequence, Auditory Recall
    • Auditory Association – Auditory Analogies, Auditory Absurdities, Auditory Closure, If-Then Statements, Parts to Whole, Categories, Inferences, Similarities and Differences, WH Questions
    • Auditory Discrimination – Rhyme Recognition, Rhyme Production, Same or Different, Syllable Awareness, Initial Sound Discrimination, Final Sound Discrimination, Medial Sound Discrimination, Sound Blending
    • Auditory Reception – Yes/No Questions, True/False Statements, “Which is” Questions


  1. Auditory Processing Exercises:
  • Has over 40 Auditory Processing Exercises that can be used again and again to train specific Auditory Skills such as Auditory Attention, Auditory Memory, Auditory Discrimination, Auditory Association and Auditory Reception.


Auditory Processing Exercises includes a BONUS Auditory Processing Screening Tool to measure progress!


Auditory Processing Exercises is the most innovative collection of hearing and listening exercises around!


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