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Use School Breaks to Boost Your Kid's Scores

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

I know, kids are enthusiastic about any break they get from school. But we, as parents, are not so happy. Why? Because kids lose momentum in their progress and sometimes they even take a step backwards.

Summer learning loss is a thing. It's been proven.

What can you do to not only prevent learning loss on school breaks but actually push your kids to the head of the class?

Cognitive Learning Skills!

Cognitive learning skills are the perfect answer. Kids don't push back, like they do with homework. Cognitive learning skills can feel more like games. Kids can do a single 5 minute exercise a day and actually improve their academics. They come back to the classroom with faster brain processing and begin to excel.

Visual tracking skills help improve reading fluency (speed), reading accuracy and comprehension. The activities are actually fun.

I have some freebies here for you:

You can check out the Visual Tracking Exercises freebie or the Auditory Processing freebie. The Brain Training for Dementia freebie has brain training games good for any age.

Here are some links to the digital downloads for a few helpful resources:

The key is to keep them engaged in something that challenges their brains.

Have fun and keep learning!

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