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Does Your Child Have Problems Reading?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Does your child struggle with reading, writing, or spelling? How are their fluency scores?

We work with students like this every day. That's why we've created The Ultimate Visual Tracking Online Program!

You don't need a tutor at $50 a session, twice a week.

You don't need a speech therapist at $150 an hour.

You don't need a crazy expensive Accelerated Learning Program that costs thousands of dollars!

Try our Visual Tracking Program and get the results that we get!

Because this is a new launch, we are looking for


Which means that we are only charging $24. for a year's worth of materials, over 100 pages. The book alone costs more than that on Amazon!

That would cost over $5200 for a year in tutoring, more than that in therapy and even more for an accelerated learning program...

All we ask for is some feedback on the program so that we can improve it.

Is it worth the price of a single tutoring session???

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